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About the Miramichi Linkages Project

The Miramichi Linkages project will revive local stories and find connections to others from across cultures examined. Holistic understanding of how people lived in this region over time can be gained from local knowledge, actions, and personalities.

Projects of this nature will become the foundation of developing sustainable, and collaborative future tourism experiences in this territory. The team will share their knowledge in hopes of preserving the history and stimulating new and creative methods of communicating our past like in this new podcast. In the spirit of Peace and Friendship that governs this land the new podcast will create space to exchange worlds, ideas and stories between both the Indigenous and non-Indigenous people living in this territory.

New Podcast Old Stories

What are the Real Stories behind the Dungarvon Whooper and the Headless Nun?!

In this episode the Miramichi Linkages Project team Shawn McCarthy, Sarah Ward, Tasha Smith and Allyson Paradis share some insight about the famous Miramichi region stories of the Dungarvon Whooper, as well as the Headless Nun. New topics every week!

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