Forbes named Red Bank Lodge 1 of Canada’s 7 Top Indigenous Wellness Experiences

The modern world is marked by a frantic pace fuelled by rapidly evolving technology and increasing expectations of around-the-clock connectedness. Amid the chaos that has infiltrated work, home and even social gatherings, many travellers are exploring Indigenous perspectives that champion physical and spiritual wellness for some of the answers to modern ills.

There are many Indigenous-owned and -operated experiences in Canada that invite guests to explore a slower, more mindful way of travelling. The accommodation providers below offer holistic experiences that forego action-packed itineraries in favour of leisurely, nature-based excursions that promote a renewed respect and understanding for the environment. Check out 7 of Canada’s best Indigenous wellness experiences.

SIPU room Red Bank lodge

Red Bank Lodge

Red Bank Lodge – a picturesque structure crafted with locally harvested cedar – sits high on the banks overlooking the Miramichi River, a world-famous fly-fishing destination. Built by the Metepenagiag Mi’kmaq Nation, the lodge features salmon pools and quiet trails, and is within walking distance of Metepenagiag Heritage Park, home to two National Historic Sites that preserve the 30,000-year-old history of the Mi’kmaq. While staying at the lodge, guests can fish for salmon (seasonally, between mid-April and October); watch for local wildlife, including bear, moose and deer; and learn how to make traditional bannock while sipping hot tea made from teaberry leaves.