Bannock is a Big Score at the World Juniors

The 2023 World Juniors from December 19 to January 5 at the 2023 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship in Moncton and Halifax was an incredible event. Not only were there tons of exciting hockey action, but three was also a fantastic opportunity to learn and celebrate Indigenous culture.

Jenna White at IIHF World Juniors Hockey Championship 2023

Jenna White of Jenna’s Nut-Free Dessertery ran the Bannock Experience. This offered visitors a chance to learn about and taste Jenna’s Bannock Mix as well as was a great opportunity for people to learn about Indigenous food and culinary traditions, and to try a new and delicious product.

Amy Pelletier at IIHF World Juniors Championship 2023

Amy Pelletier of KWEYcuisine was also on hand to help showcase Indigenous culture at the event. Her involvement helped to ensure that visitors were able to learn about and experience a wide range of Indigenous cultural practices, traditions, ingredients and cooking techniques.

It was a chance to reclaim hockey as an Indigenous space to acknowledge, you know, the roots of this game and the role of the Mi’kmaq people. 

Beyond just being a lot of fun, the representation of Indigenous culture at the World Juniors has real value. It was a chance for the Indigenous community to feel proud, empowered, in addition to celebrating their traditions and stories with a wider audience. It provide the opportunity for thousands of visitors to learn about and appreciate the rich and diverse cultural traditions of Indigenous people in Wabanaki territory.

Let’s not forget the Wabanaki way of doing things! This strong sense of community and respect for the natural world is at the heart of Wabanaki culture and was also on full display at the Worlds Juniors. Wela’lin ‘thank you’ to our members Jenna White and Amy Pelletier for facilitating a truly unforgettable experience that we can’t wait to see as part of more upcoming events in the future.

2023 World Juniors Hockey Championship photo by Jenna White