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ITANB is proud to support the development of the Indigenous tourism industry in the province of New Brunswick through programs targeted to Indigenous-owned or controlled tourism businesses at all stages of development, as well as to existing and new regional Indigenous tourism associations. Browse our current programs at https://indigenoustourism.ca/corporate/. Contact ITAC for more information on Indigenous tourism nationally at Info@IndigenousTourism.ca.

The ITANB Board of Directors is as follows:


Karen Narvey

Executive Director, ITANB

Organization: Nigmag Consulting

Karen Narvey is from Esgenoôpetitj First Nation, New Brunswick and now lives in Fredericton. She graduated from St. Thomas University in Fredericton. She is now Executive Director for the Indigenous Tourism Association of New Brunswick (ITANB) which she has been a part of since and prior to its incorporation in 2018 as a board member. Karen also takes pride in speaking her Mi’kmaq language.

Karen retired in April 2021 from the Dept. of Tourism, Heritage and Culture (THC) after almost 23 years of service as Project Executive in Indigenous Tourism and Digital Assets; Mi’kmaq Specialist at the Archaeological Services, Heritage Branch. In December 2019, she transferred to Culture and Commemorations Branch until her retirement.

While at the department, she served as an ex-officio board member representing the Province for the Metepenagiag Heritage Park Inc. (MHP) and continues to do so.  The interpretive centre exhibits over 3,000 years of Mi’kmaq existence with two National Historic Sites (Augustine Burial Mound/Oxbow). She was seconded to the Heritage Park as a coordinator to help implement a five-year business strategy and the repatriation of artifacts back to the community.

At ITANB she’s laying down the foundation and the mobilization of the indigenous tourism industry and the organization. She’s an active member of various committees of interest.

Indigenous tourism and culture is her passion and would like to see the First Nations communities gather their cultural resources and talents to showcase, conserve and share their vibrant culture and heritage to the world.


Patricia Dunnett
President & Chair

Organization: Metepenagiag Heritage Park Inc., Red Bank Lodge

Website: www.metpark.ca 

Website: www.redbanklodge.com

Patricia Dunnett is Mi’kmaw of Metepenagiag First Nation and is the President and Chair of ITANB.  She serves on the board of directors of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) a national group of Indigenous tourism operators that have worked hard to bring Indigenous tourism to the International forefront.

She attended Oulton Business College. Patricia grew up during a time in that two Nationally recognized archaeological sites Augustine mound and Oxbow Site, were brought to the public’s attention by her late grandfather Joseph Augustine in her community.

In the past 20 years, Patricia has always worked in front line tourism service of delivering an authentic indigenous experiential tourism since 1997 with its first offering. Working from the ground up in the Red Bank Lodge since 2001 and then the Metepenagiag Heritage Park since 2007, Patricia is now the General Manager of the two properties carrying on the legacy of her grandfather’s infamous revelation of an ancient burial ground of the M’kmaq 3,000 years ago. The Metepenagiag Heritage Park Inc., is the first Indigenous iconic attraction in the Maritimes offering experiences, tours, exhibit, and short film depicting a story of the Metepenagiag.

Patricia is an artist and has a passion for creating traditional arts and crafts was derived from wanting to learn about her own heritage and to carrying on the traditional skills of her people. Patricia is married to her husband Jeff and has four adult children.


Kim Nash-McKinley
Board Member/Director, Economic Development

Organization: Kingsclear First Nation 

Website: https://www.kingsclear.ca

Kim Nash-McKinley, is the Director of Economic Development for Kingsclear First Nation, with a BA degree from Saint Thomas University in Fredericton and has a T.A.E.D. Certification from CANDO. She is from the Wolastoqiyik Nation of St. Mary’s First Nation, and is one of the co-founders who assisted in the establishment of the Indigenous Tourism Association New Brunswick (ITANB) where she serves as a board member.

Kim also serves on a variety of municipal committees and Provincial Boards as well as, just recently committed to serve on the board of directors for the Kings Landing Historical Settlement in Prince William.

She is a Former Chief and recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, which she received for her commitment and dedication of over 20 years on issues that affect the off-reserve Indigenous Peoples, in New Brunswick, and nationally through participation in the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.

Kim enjoys her time with husband and family and travels in her spare time.


Shane Perley-Dutcher
Board Member/Entrepreneur/Artist/Councilor

Organization: Aduksis Jewellery Designs

Shane Perley-Dutcher is a Wolastoqey (Maliseet) mixed media artist from the Nekotkuk (Tobique First Nation) in New Brunswick. He trained at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, earning a Diploma in Natives Art Studies and Jewellery Manufacturing graduating with honours and distinctions. Shane draws his design inspiration from Wolastokiyik Traditional knowledge and contemporary aesthetics.

After graduating from NBCCD and from the Atlantic Business College, Shane created his business Aduksis Jewellery Designs and continues to grow the Aduksis Brand and challenge himself as a mixed media artist and jewellery designer, with custom pieces found in private and public collections across Canada and internationally.

Shane uses natural traditional materials such as birch, cedar, spruce, and ash in his work.  He also uses non-traditional materials like copper, silver, gold and platinum to create unique lines of jewellery and one of a kind sculptural pieces.  Shane gathers his traditional materials for his art because it maintains his connection to the land.  Building on this relationship will always be part of his creative journey.

Shane is also an elected leader in his home community of Wolastoqiyik Neqotkuk and as a Councilor, uses creativity through various projects to inspire change. Shane is in charge of Indigenous tourism development within his community.


Amy Pelletier
Board Member

Organization: Kwey Catering

Amy is Wolastoqay and is the owner of Kwey Catering, located in Madawaska Maliseet First Nation.

“My goal is to place value on our ancestral ingredients and give my customers a culinary experience that they won’t find anywhere else. I want to create dishes that will invite dialogue between native and non-native.”

“Amy's passion for food is evident in every dish she creates. Her culinary education at CCNB has not only allowed her to transform her passion into a business, but also to step into her own signature cooking style.

For three months Amy worked in Normandy, France under a successful caterer and pastry chef Alexandre Didier as part of a work experience program with CCNB. During this time Amy honed her skills as a caterer and experienced elevated food culture. The unique expertise that Amy gained while in France, combined with her indigenous and Acadian home cooking background, can be tasted in every meal she makes for her happy customers.” Excerpt taken from CBC

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Cynthia Howland
Board Member

Organization: Recognized Group of the Peskotomuhkati offices in St. Stephen

Cynthia Howland is a proud Passamaquoddy grandmother who was born and raised in the traditional territory of her ancestors. She applies the inherent teachings of her elders to both her personal and professional lives. She is a lifelong learner whose favourite phrase is “I read somewhere…” and is frequently sought out for her listening skills and advice. Her work experience encompasses many years in the hospitality industry, small business ownership and her current executive position. She is someone who perceives obstacles as learning experiences and uses these teachings to guide her with her community and not for profit boards volunteering.

CEO 2 (1)

Andrew McNair
Chief Executive Officer

Organization: Tourism Industry Association of New Brunswick

Website: https://tianb.com/

Andrew has 18 years of association management experience, with first Velo NB, the Provincial Cycling Association, and most recently the Insurance Brokers Association of NB.  He is excited to be putting roots back down in the tourism industry that he has had a lifelong passion for, in the province that he has grown up in.

With a diploma in Tourism and Hospitality, with a concentration in Ecotourism, from the Nova Scotia Community College; a Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation from the Canadian Society of Association Executives, paired with roots in the tourism industry via time spent as a cycling guide throughout Maritimes and Maine, as well as various other bike and ski industry gigs along the way, Andrew is ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for TIANB and its members.

When not ‘geeking out’ about governance or strategic plans, Andrew is very likely out enjoying either a bike ride or a ski depending what part of the 365 day long ‘tourism season’ we’re in! He is very active in the cycling community, as well as with the local cross country ski club and race team, where he volunteers as the wax technician for the club and provincial ski teams, of which his 17 year old daughter is part of. 

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Kayla Johnson
Marketing Associate & Coordinator

Organization: ITANB

Kayla Johnson is a highly passionate and creative business professional living in Saint John, New Brunswick and is a member of Neqotkuk (Tobique First Nation). While taking a business degree at the University of New Brunswick, she knew she wanted to start an event management company. Halfway through her degree, Kayla registered for an Event Management Certificate program at the New Brunswick Community College as well as entrepreneurship programs from other organizations. By the time 2017 came around, Kayla had a business degree, a certificate in event management, and the entrepreneurship knowledge to get started. 

Kayla started her event management company in 2018 called Arcacia. With this business, Kayla ran a team of up to 5 people supporting clients with corporate events and festivals. Most of her events were hosted by non-profits and Indigenous organizations leading meaningful causes within Atlantic Canada. Arcacia operated for 3 years until 2021 when Kayla decided to scale the business back due to the pandemic. Today, Kayla continues to work to build New Brunswick’s Indigenous economy with the experience she’d gained over the last 6 years. She spends her days working with Wabanaki Maple, ITANB, and her own entrepreneurship consulting company Kayla & Co.


Kelsey Paul 
Project Assistant

Organization: ITANB

Kelsey Paul, a proud member of the Esgenoopetitj First Nation, was nurtured in the embrace of her reserve, acquiring profound firsthand insights into her cultural heritage. Her journey led her to the University of New Brunswick (UNB), where she undertook a bridging year while immersing herself in psychology studies. Graduating from Atlantic Business College with a degree in Business Management, Kelsey's education reflects her diverse interests. Beyond academia, she passionately invests her time as a casual youth support worker, focusing on indigenous youth, showcasing her commitment to their well-being. Additionally, Kelsey is now working with ITANB to expand her knowledge and create new experiences with the ITANB team!