Name:                          Business Name:

Stephen Paul             SP First Nations Outdoor Tours


Connie Nicholas        Bodin’s Native Crafts & Supplies


Anna-Marie Weir       Elsipoqtoq Mi’kmaq Culture Center


Patricia Dunnett        Metepenagiag Heritage Park


Jenna White              Jenna’s Nut-Free Dessertery Inc


Tasha Robitaille         La Belle Cabane


Cindy Bernard           Grey Rock Entertainment Center


Patricia Dunnett        Red Bank Outdoor Adventure Lodge Inc


Gail Bremner
& David Smith            First Nations Storytellers


Ashley Sanipass         MI’KMAQ ART EXPERIENCE


Starla McDougal        The Union of New Brunswick Indians Training Institute


Rick MacLeod             Macleod Farley & Associates


Albion Boudreau         Friends of ITANB


Ursula Bear                The Bear Necessities Homestead