Indigenous Tourism Association of New Brunswick (ITANB) Working Group was formed to address the needs of Indigenous development and participation in New Brunswick. Under the umbrella of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC), President and CEO, Keith Henry has made strides in mobilizing the Provinces and Territories to engage in the development of Indigenous Tourism and to accelerate it to become market ready products and experiences for the world to see.

The Pan-Atlantic Indigenous Tourism Working Group has also been formulated with Robert Bernard, from Wagamatcook First Nation, to be the Atlantic Coordinator to lead this initiative.  There are representatives that serve this board that includes Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador.

As well as the Indigenous Tourism Association of NB working group, this board was also formulated to mobilize the 15 First Nations in New Brunswick and to bring tourism development within its communities to the forefront.

These organizations maintain the common themes of tourism development and to open communication within the First Nations in New Brunswick. ITAC has a five-year strategy, in which we are in the third year of implementation of key indicators.

It has developed four pillars for development:

  1. Development – To encourage product development and investment in Canadian Indigenous tourism assets and products to remain competitive internationally.
  2. Marketing – High-value, targeted marketing research, media and sales efforts in partnership with Destination Canada to core and emerging markets; while delivering communications messaging on the positive community and cultural impacts of Indigenous tourism.
  3. Leadership – Positive industry awareness, advocacy and accountability to gain market respect, establish funder confidence, and build member support.
  4. Partnerships – Unite the Indigenous tourism industry in Canada, bring together members and key industry organizations to build collaboration and maximize results.